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The Ultimate Guide to Lisa Seal Frigon

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Lisa Seal Frigon

Do you want to know about Lisa Seal? Who is she, and from which family? In this article, we will learn all the details about her and her family. Let’s explore the topic and learn more about her life and family. In addition, She is not a social butterfly, so she keeps her life private from others. 

Lisa Seal Frigon Bio

Lisa Seal Frigon is the daughter of a drug distributor named Barry Seal. She appeared on the scene when she filed a case lawsuit in opposition to Universal Inc.’s picture. Furthermore, Lisa Seal is the daughter of Barry Seal from his first wife Barbara Dodson.  They both married in 1963. Unfortunately, her parents divorced in 1971. We don’t know Lisa’s birthplace and date, because she wanted to keep her life private. 

Lisa Seal Frigon Siblings

Are you curious to know about the Lisa Seal Frigon siblings? Lisa has five siblings. She has one brother from her mother. The remaining siblings are from another wife. The second wife of Barry Seal is Lynn Ros. Their relationship duration is from 1971 to 1972. Moreover, Dubois and Barry Seal married in 1973. They lived together until the death of Barry Seal. he died in 1986. 

Lisa Seal Frigon’s Parents

Let’s learn about her parents. Her mother’s name is Barbara Dodson. We don’t have more information about her. She is just known as the famous ex-wife of Barry Seal. In addition, the Barry Seal was continuously appearing on the news because of its acute engagement as a distributor of a drug. He was born in Louisiana, Baton Rouge. Moreover, Her father was a candy wholesaler. He naturally got some skills. Her father has flying skills. Barry Seal started flying at a very young age. He got his first pilot certificate at the age of 16. He also got a private pilot certificate at the age of 17. 

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Barry Seal Enrollment in the Army

In 1962, he enrolled in the Army National Guard of Louisiana in 1962 for six years. After that, he got active duty for six months and inactive duty for five and a half years. Furthermore, In 1981, his activities of smuggling were familiar in Florida as a DEA agent. In 1983 in April, he capitulated in the federal authorities. He was declared dead in 1986, in February. In addition, In February 1986, he was drilled down, three weeks after his trial period in the front of Army Centre Salvation. 


Let’s wind up the topic. In this article, we have learned about her life. His father has two marriages. Moreover, He led most of his life with his first wife. Her father also has a passion for flying at a young age. We hope that this article provides you with detailed information about her. 

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